Environmental Activities

Tree-planting initiative –Seiko Instruments Forest–

In August 2014, the Makuhari Unit entered into the Cooperative Forest Agreement with the Chiba prefectural government, and is currently carrying out the planting of black pine trees in the Seiko Instruments Forest located along Kujūkuri Beach in Chiba. In April 2018, the agreement was renewed and we have continued to monitor the growth of the black pine trees. We had planned to plant additional trees in FY 2019, but due to damage to the black pine trees caused by Typhoon Faxai in September 2019, we were unable to carry out additional planting.
We plan to plant additional trees in FY 2020.

Seiko Instruments Forest

Local Cleanup Activities

Every SII Unit in and outside Japan holds regular cleanup activities around their premises, at roadsides, etc. for contribution to the local community and as part of environmental conservation.

Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc. (DSI) carried out a cleanup at Dahei Mountain in China.

Guangzhou SII Watch Co., Ltd.

One of SII’s training programs for new employees is cleanup activity in a local area. This aims to raise their environmental awareness and teach them the importance of making a contribution to a local community as businesspeople. In FY 2019, 22 new employees cleaned up a wide area from Makuhari Unit premises to the nearest Kaihinmakuhari station.

Keep the Park Clean Activity